El Salvador Corridor

Trabajando para más de 3 Millones
de Salvadoreños en Estados Unidos

Medios de comunicación brindan aporte sobre nuevo corredor en Maryland


Over time as a Salvadoran Corridor we have achieved a series of projects in which we have positioned our Salvadoran culture in the city of the world

They take another step in the recognition of their identity by unveiling the Salvadoran runner’s label

Los Angeles – The paraphernalia was ample in the unveiling of the sign that ratifies the designation of the Salvadoran community corridor…

Recognition by the legislative
assembly of El Salvador

The deputies that make up the Commission for Foreign Relations, Central American Integration and Salvadorans…

Salvadoran Corridor in Maryland
“New Corridor Coming Soon”.

This measure would recognize the area between Adams Boulevard and 11th Street on Vermont Avenue in the City of Los Angeles as the El Salvador Community Corridor…

The United States recognizes the second Salvadoran Corridor in Maryland as a development pole

The Deputy Counselor for Economic Affairs of the United States in El Salvador, Michael Benton, recognized that the second Salvadoran Corridor…

Salvadoran Corridor in Maryland, “Let’s make El Salvador a power.”

Salvadorans are people recognized throughout the world, because they strive daily to get ahead, working women and men committed to building a better El Salvador…

El Salvador will achieve recognition in the US through the creation of a Salvadoran business corridor

The Executive Director of El Salvador Corridor Town, Óscar Domínguez, accompanied by Michel Bentos, representative of the American Embassy and …

The Salvadoran Corridor in Maryland will be inaugurated this month

The corridor not only has business support, it is also supported by different local and political leaders, such as the Vice President of the Prince George’s County council….

Salvadorans in Maryland will have a new entrepreneurial corridor

This corridor will be inaugurated on March 31 in Maryland, USA and has eight exclusive blocks located on University Boulevard, between New Hampshire & West Park, Maryland…

Second Salvadoran “corridor” of entrepreneurs announced in Maryland, USA.

Authorities from the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) together with representatives of Salvadorans in the United States, presented this morning the second Salvadoran entrepreneur corridor in the state of Maryland…

L.A. Salvadoran Community
Sees Hope Along a New Corridor.

Many Salvadorans say it’s about time. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants fled a violent civil war in El Salvador in the 1980’s and settled in Los Angeles…

“Little Salvador”
Blooms in Los Ángeles.

The El Salvador Community Corridor became a reality late in the summer. Now, the community has to get the word out and attract visitors…

L.A. Salvadoran Community
Sees Hope Along a New Corridor.

A second corridor dedicated to Salvadoran culture is about to open in the United States in the first six months of 2021. The projection “from El Salvador to the world”…

Reseñas del Corredor Salvadoreño en Los Ángeles California

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